Featured image of post 怎麽使用英文的 in、on、at 介系词?in、on、at 范例大整理

怎麽使用英文的 in、on、at 介系词?in、on、at 范例大整理

怎麽使用英文的 in、on、at 介系词?in、on、at 范例大整理

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at < on < in 概念

介系词 范围 说明 范例
At 确切的地方 坐在桌子前 sit at the table
On 在某个范围内,但不确定哪个点 在街上 on the street
In 空间 在某个空间里面 在车里面 in a car

in、on、at 范例大整理

in、on、at 范例大整理

介系词时间 at < on < in

At (特定时间点) On (特定日期) In (一段时间里面)
At On In
at 9 am on Monday in the morning
at 8 o’clock on Saturday in the afternoon
at 6 pm on June 3rd in (the) summer
at night on 1st October 2013 in 1950
at noon/ midday on Christmas day in the 1900s
at Easter on my birthday in the 17th century
at Christmas on Tuesday evening in the Easter holiday
at dinner time on time in the next century
at dinner on a winter evening in the future
at that moment on a warm day in the 10 years time
On (时间等于 1 天) In (时间大于 1 天)
on Sunday in Summer
on July 3rd in July

介系词地点 at < on < in

At (特定地点) On (地点的范围上) In (地点里面)
at 675 State Street on a bus in England
at the bus stop on a plane in Chinatown
at the door on a horse in a building
at the top of page on the phone in a car
at someone’s house on the Internet in a taxi
at the entrance on the television in a boat
at the crossroads on the floor in a helicopter
at the front on the page in a traffic jam
at the back on the menu in Time Square
at the bottom on Oxford street in the article

介系词方向 on < in

On (地点的范围外) In (地点里面)
Canada is on the north of US New York is in the north of US

介系词乘坐交通工具 on < in

On (交通工具内,可移动) In (交通工具内,不可移动)
on the bus in the car
on the train in the taxi


朝…过去:to/ for

介系词 说明 范例
to 确切的目标 买给你 buy it to you
for 大方向,不一定会完成 帮你买 buy it for you

在…旁边:with/ by

介系词 说明 范例
with 伴随在旁边 我有那个礼物(伴随着)很高兴 I am happy with the gift
by 靠着 我(靠着)搭火车到那里 I went there by train


介系词 说明 范例
of 属于某个部分 这间房间的门 the door of the room


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